There’s no crying in baseball!

I had so much fun making my girls’ halloween costumes this year! Este, at two and a half, was so looking forward to wearing a costume (thank you, Daniel Tiger: Costume Day episode!). She is also very into the idea of matching her sister right now so all she could talk about was how they both had the same costume. My girls are 18 months apart. So, naturally, they were Dottie and Kit from A League of their Own. My husband and I sat down and watched the movie again the other night (research, of course) and we both agreed – now that we have two girls so close in age, who are already very competitive with each other, it was liking watching the movie in a whole new light. Frances Twining‘s Esty shop has a great Dottie uniform pattern and she makes and sells beautiful patches for the costume. So, without further ado, my little Rockford Peaches…

Halloween 2014 (A League of Their Own - Este) Halloween 2014 (A League of Their Own - Rory 2) Halloween 2014 (A League of Their Own - Rory)


They were so cute…

and we now have way too much candy in the house…

stashed in the closet to use as stocking stuffers…?


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